What’s wrong with Social Media?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Well, according to some… and then, of course, there’s always the risk that marketers and PR professionals will bludgeon the cause by doing what many of us do best… lotsa hype but too little substance and context.

So with that… let’s do what we do next best… talk lots and agree to disagree:

On Monday, November 20th, Ottawa’s next Third Monday Meetup will feature social media experts Darren Barefoot from Vancouver and Marc Snyder from Montreal in a debate about the state of social media in Canada: What’s hype? What’s reality? Are social media changing our world? Or, is this just another bubble that will soon pass? Are social media really social, or is there merit to Guardian writer John Lanchester’s “profoundly grim thought” that social media are “all about separation.”

Bring your questions. Bring your opinions. This event is all about debate, disagreement, and discussion.

32 words about Darren and Marc:

Darren is a writer, technologist, and “Head Geek” at Vancouver-based Capulet Communications. Marc is a Montreal-based communications consultant and social media expert, who specializes in corporate communications, media relations, and crisis communications.

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Marc Snyder

Let me just say that playing devil’s advocate is a lot of fun.

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