The Perfect Storm…

posted by Brendan Hodgson

…is when you are trying to fly into TO from Atlanta following two days of strenuous client meetings, late at night, and because the fog is thicker than butter, you get re-routed to the tarmac in London, Ontario… truly a place where the wild things are… only to be told that there aren’t any customs agents, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to de-plane there, and you want to have some sleep because you’re participating in a conference the next day.

We did eventually re-fuel and then attempt a second landing in Toronto, which was somewhat nerve-wracking since visibility was virtually nil until about 10 metres of touching down. I think I arrived at the hotel at around 2:00-2:30 AM, so I’m sure today’s performance levels will be a tad fuzzy.

But back to me…

During all this time, and in an attempt to cool my seething rage (being one who appreciates sleep), I am reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone - a magazine that I had largely stopped reading back in my j-school days for a variety of reasons - but picked up mainly because the cover article is an interview with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

And spotted this… Fantasy Congress which ‘lets you draft and manage your own team of senators and congressmen’. As a big fan of NFL Fantasy Football - given that I’m leading our little league of PR friends and family, this appears a highly entertaining and engaging way of tracking and evaluating the performance of legislators in an engaging (albeit unscientific) way. To me, it is variations of these types of applications – some more serious than others – that will ultimately change the way we learn about and participate in the political process. 

I want one for Canada.




David Jones

I want in the Fantasy Football league next year.  Seriously.  My only other online vice besides blog/RSS addiction.



Brendan Hodgson

I say we start up a PR bloggers league. I’m thinking that will allow for some pretty heavy blog-based trash talk during those brain blocks that we all tend to suffer from. Who’s in… Me, You… I’m sure there’s others eager to get their egos slapped.

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