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posted by Brendan Hodgson

you never knew, or you might have guessed but weren’t entirely sure… or at least hoped either was or was not the case, and were simply afraid to ask… in any event, Bob sent the latest meme missile in my direction, so here goes with the self-flagellation:

  1. I am (or was, since I haven’t written in nearly a year) a part-time poet… and you didn’t even know it. Criticism accepted though not welcomed as that was a few years ago. I’m hoping I’m better now.
  2. I nearly joined the British Army… but a long, and rather drunken discussion with an ex-Foreign Legionnaire persuaded me otherwise… as did the rather unbecoming environs of Aldershot.
  3. I cycled from Scotland to Tunisia during one summer (not the whole way, actually, as I took a ferry from Marseilles to Tunis, but you get what I’m saying).
  4. The real reason I wrote my last post was because a friend challenged me to use a specific word… although, in the end, I think I’m right about what I said, and it was an interesting – even challenging – exercise (a flashback to my j-school days when we’d challenge each other to fit a word into our stories). And don’t worry, I don’t do that often.
  5. I’d never seen the movie ET until about two weeks ago… and I’m not sure the wait was worth it.

 I guess I’m supposed to hit up some others… so I’ll think about it, and update this later (if ever, since I’m no big fan of chain letters and pretty much everyone I know seems to have gotten one)…

Update: I just noticed that Michael over at the Client Side, also tagged me on this… cheers.

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Michael Seaton

ET is no Close Encounters.  Probably best watched before one hits puberty.  

And, no one is questioning why it took so long to see it, we know you have been busy blogging. ; )

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