StarPM & RushHour R.I.P… or so say the Norwegians

posted by Brendan Hodgson

In Norway, apparently, PDF versions of newspapers are going over like lead balloons… which makes me wonder how Canada’s two major afternoon dailies are doing.

Granted, the Norwegians typically have to buy theirs whereas ours – quirky headlines and all – are free (other than the cost of paper and ink – particuarly if you want to read it in full technicolour – and we know that ain’t cheap) and less bulky.

But, personally, I don’t see these experiments hanging around for much longer, free or no. And me a crossword and Sudoku buff!? The simple reason being that I can’t picture myself – for reasons both selfish (read lazy) and environmental (read lazy) - printing off an update of news that I’d likely get were I to visit the website that I’d have to visit anyway if I wanted to print off the PDF.

But that’s just me.

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Boyd Neil

And me . . .  seems to me the .pdf idea is the worst of both worlds.

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