Election Predictor 2.0 – 2007 Quebec Edition goes live

posted by Brendan Hodgson


Following on the success of H&K Canada’s 2006 Federal Election Predictor, itself born from the UK’s 2005 version, Hill & Knowlton Ducharme Perron (HKDP), H&K Canada’s wholly-owned Quebec subsidiary, has unveiled the latest, Quebec-based version.

You can try it out here… http://www.predictionshkdp.com (click the image or “commencer” to launch the predictor itself). 

Now we know that no predictor is 100% accurate. However, we think we’ve got a pretty good formula, one that will add an element of fun and debate to the Quebec election race now underway. Use the split predictor (Repartir) to show how percentages for the main parties are transformed into a predicted election result. OR test the swing tool (Transferer) to see what happens when a percentage of the vote shifts from one party to another. You can view your results in a table (tableau) and as an interactive map (carte).

We’ve also included a number of tools that give it a social media flavour, including:

  • the ability to view saved predictions via Google Maps (click “Toutes les predictions” to launch the map and you can see mine – Cazoo),
  • the ability to blog your saved predictions (once you save a prediction, click on “Mon compte” then “Ma prediction” then “Envoyer et Partager” and add the code to your blog),
  • The folks at HKDP will also be blogging through the election, pointing to interesting items from across the parties, and
  • We’ve included (off the home page) the RSS feeds from all the political parties in Quebec that provide RSS feeds, and if you click the tab “Sondages” you can view the predicted outcomes of the leading pollsters.

Update: due to some problems with the RSS feeds coming from the various parties, we’ve unfortunately had to disable that feed – but we’ve got something in mind to replace it…

So start predicting! And don’t be shy with your feedback.

As an aside, the main parties’ acronyms are used on the site, but they are:

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