10 Reasons why PR ‘Matters’ in 2007

posted by Brendan Hodgson
  1. Because no self-respecting CEO should be without an avatar in second life.
  2. Because business journalists wouldn’t have anything to write about otherwise.
  3. Because CEO’s need to be convinced that bloggers are not voracious, flesh-eating fire ants intent on painfully stripping away the layers to reveal the truth about your ‘brand”.
  4. Because lawyers need to understand that “no comment” is not a legitimate key message.
  5. Because bankers need to understand that, sure, shareholders are important… but so are customers, employees, partners, suppliers, regulators, communities, NGO’s etc. etc.
  6. Because when things go wrong, it inevitably gets characterized as a “PR blunder”, and people need someone to blame.
  7. Because advertising doesn’t.
  8. Because perception is reality.
  9. Because bad things can – and do – happen to good companies.
  10. Because I wouldn’t be in this business otherwise.

(of course, some of this is tongue-in-cheek. I challenge you to identify which)

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