The Agreement Index… A Model for Measurement?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Not only do I like the platform and premise on which the Telegraph’s new blogging community has been created (and which appears to have already drawn a fair number of folk into the My Telegraph fold), I really like the notion of the Agreement Index as a means to visually capture the general sentiment of readers around a specific blog post.

I wish every blog had one, as I believe it would add an entirely new level of qualitative analysis to the rather sludgy state of social media measurement that we currently reside in today.

Good job.

Hat tip to Martin via Simon (who likes the site to)

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tim malbon

Hey Brendan,

Nice review and puff (we did that!), Thanks. You wouldn’t believe how busy the site has been since launch. I met an 81 year old today and the average age seems close to 60… I’m staggered.

We’ve got two major enhancement releases this week and many, many more planned. The Telegraph have bought in to our Agile design and dev style, which means we can be quick. It also means I am extremely tired.

Drop in and have a look.

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