Privacy be damned… The Canuckflack bares all!

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Third Tuesday Ottawa is nearly upon us (next Monday, that is) and while I won’t be able to attend (as I’ll be back in Calgary), I think the rest of you should… because, well, it features Colin…arguably Canada’s most prolific blogger on issues related to communications, government and the afterlife of a high school preppie (if, of course, I’ve interpreted it right).

Perhaps most interesting, is how Colin continues to tweak the proverbial nipple of government (through his day job as well as his alter-blog), encouraging them to push forward on embracing digital and social media tools, and – best of all – making some good headway on the part of his current employer… including blogging and, more recently, in the use of video.

So, as per the usual, we encourage you to register early and often so that the venue can staff appropriately (and you won’t have to wait as long for your drink)… oh, and remember, it’s FREE.

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