Xmas Wish List for Mesh08

posted by Brendan Hodgson

So Mesh is back, and once more they are seeking the wisdom of the crowd to help guide their 2008 speaker selection… and while none of my (truly brilliant) ideas were picked up from last year, I’m hoping that perhaps my suggestions for 2008 – which while they fall mostly into the PR stream – are a bit more realistic…

Drum roll please:

  • Danah Boyd… because for most young people, social media is not about business. It’s about life in all its bad-ass beauty.
  • Case studies, case studies, case studies… they’re there, you just have to look for them
  • Trend talk I: building social networks that target more niche-focused communities
  • Exploring the intersection of digital and PR from a non-marketing perspective: reputation, issues management, crisis (Mattel, Beacon etc… the new role of employees as “brand guardians”)
  • Trend talk II: impact of mobile on social media and marketing
  • Per Joe’s suggestion, a panel (vs perhaps a single speaker) on measurement and metrics - because 4 minds will be better than 1 (as there are no real experts yet that have the answers… although we’re trying our damndest) and it could get all hot and bothered. Which is a good thing.
  • Trend talk III: Video (what’s old is new again)

Into the abyss, boys. Sorry I missed last years (although you got my money), but looking forward to 2008.

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