Why for you bury me in the cold cold ground?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

You get the picture… the Australian marsupial with its “ravenous appetites and crazed behaviorConstantly hungry and devouring everything in sight.”

It’s much like how I sometimes feel… complete with growls, screeches and raspberries… in trying to keep up with all the changes coming out of the ”social media” (r)evolution; the struggle to keep up, to consume, and to make sense of the endless morphing of the tools and technologies to which people turn to find, share and create content and information with people who share similar passions and interests.

And social networks are no exception.

Case in point, according to the Register, “web analytics outfit comScore has confirmed what the chatter in bars and cafes has been saying for months – people are, just, well, bored of social networks.” (hat tip to Kate). Around the same time I found myself perusing this tidbit about what might be (or already is) the next youth destination and metaphor for “cool”.

And it makes sense. As Harris succinctly puts it: It may be as simple as the first law of nature: Teenagers, as a matter of self-preservation, don’t want to be where their parents are… If Facebook — with 60 million members, seven million of them Canadian — has become the national water cooler for adults, Nexopia is the corner convenience store attracting their pierced and tattooed kids. The Canadian site now has 1.2 million members, only six per cent of whom are 23 or older.

But it begs the question (and the lame Looney Tunes metaphor): how do we stay on top of this (and all the other) new destinations that are emerging to challenge the status quo (if 18 months of faddishness can even be classified as such)? And how could I have missed it… me, with my hundred-plus feeds (that I rarely get round to reading). It’s perplexing. And frustrating. But it’s also what we’re paid to do.

So yeah, sometimes I feel my head is so buried in the day-to-day that I fear I’ll churn right past that left turn at Albuquerque.

Am I alone?

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