Experienced PR Professionals wanted in Ottawa…

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Is it all about growth? That’s certainly a big part of it. 2007 was a pretty good year. But it also has to do with a combination of many other factors: new business, pending parenthood, evolving skillsets and the like. All that to say, there’s a few offices here in Ottawa looking to be filled.

So here’s what Hill & Knowlton is looking for (in a nutshell): Experienced mid-level (Account Director) and junior communications consultants with solid track records of experience and education. People who “get” traditional PR but who also get the changes currently afoot in the world of social media and the internet, and can connect the two together in ways that make sense for our clients. We’re talking team players who can think on their feet, and who can get the job done without a lot of hand-holding.

Solid writing skills are essential, as is, of course, attention to detail and the capacity to think and deliver both strategically and tactically. And in this town, bilingualism is always an asset.

What do you get in return? Opportunities to work with some of the smartest folks in the business, cool clients, beer cart every Friday, good benefits, and all the fun stuff that comes with working in a high-pressure, high-expectations environment. 

Show us what you’ve got. Send me a message via my blog, or contact Jackie King, VP Communications at jackie(dot)king(at)hillandknowlton(dot)ca. We’re also online at www.hillandknowlton.ca.

Don’t be shy.




Hi Brendan!

I was very excited to come across your blog.

It is very inspirational to read that the world of PR and communications is adapting with the rise of social media and allowing itself to grow along side it.

SO… I guess here comes the sales pitch.

I realize that this blog was written in March; however, I was wondering if there is still room within your team?

I recently moved to the city (Ottawa) after completing the post-grad PR program at Loyalist College, where Hill and Knowlton was an agency name that was frequently mentioned.

I worked as a PR assistant to the Director of External Relations and Community Advancement during my time there, and recently completed an internship with the Walt Disney company in Toronto.

Hopefully you get this message, and I will keep my fingers crossed that I hear from you.



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