Lazy Hazy Days of Summer… Not Likely!

posted by Brendan Hodgson

As the seasons shift from spring to summer, there’s always a smidgen of hope – soon dashed – that the hottest months might, in fact, be a tad quieter than the rest of the year. And without exception, this year demonstrates the folly of harbouring such expectations.

From a digital perspective in Canada, there appears to be no let up in sight, nor does the social media world appear to bring any respite for the weary, as even during a brief lull and a few days at the cottage and by the sea, much appears to have transpired:

  • In the U.S., the Securities & Exchange Commission finally gets with the times. Per a recent speech given by Kim McManus, Special Counsel, Division of Corporate Finance, the SEC will be providing ”additional guidance and greater certainty on how companies can use their web sites to provide information to investors in compliance with the federal securities laws.” - It will be interesting to see what this will mean for Canadian companies and those companies trading on Canadian exchanges. Equally interesting is the debate around whether this will signal the death knell of the newswires that rely so heavily on disclosure-related activity, as some are already predicting.
  • Kate Trgovac pointed me to this recent post by Jeremiah Owyang initially discussing what appeared to be a potentially ill-guided foray by ExxonMobil into the Twittersphere, but which later showed the company to be the unwitting victim of a brandjacker. This incident clearly reinforces the need for vigilance against brand attacks from across any channels, not simply traditional media. At the same time, however, and while this situation highlights the increasing influence of micro-blogging tools such as Twitter for purposes both nefarious as well as good, it also demonstrates the power of both the blogosphere and Twitter to escalate this issue, despite any real efforts (other than it would seem by Shel Holz) to go to the source to determine if “Janet” was, in fact, an ExxonMobil employee. 
  • Speaking of disclosure, Jon Hamilton at Petro-Canada (Pump Talk blogger and client) recently notified me that the Blog Council, to which they belong, recently published its Disclosure Best Practice Tool Kit, a “draft series of checklists to help companies, their employees, and their agencies learn the appropriate and transparent ways to interact with blogs, bloggers, and the people who interact with them.” Much like H&K’s own social media guidelines, all common sense, yet a vital reminder to all employees of an organization (not just professional communicators) of the importance of transparency in this age of transparency.

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