Good judgment / Poor Judgement … what do you think?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

… in the wake of last week’s barbaric murder on a Greyhound bus. 

Good judgement… Greyhound pulls its ad

Poor judgement… Peta creates one

Good judgement… Portage la Prairie’s Portage Daily Graphic refuses to run it.

Poor judgement… Peta’s attempt to justify it: A group spokesperson is unapologetic. “Like human victims, animals in slaughterhouses experience terror when they are attacked by a knife-wielding assailant,” Lindsay Rajt explains in a statement. “We are challenging everyone who is rightly horrified by this crime to look into their hearts and consider leaving violence off their dinner plates.”

“A clever way to make a point – or extremely bad taste and terrible timing?”… You tell me.



Peter I

It demonstrates a point of view.  I can understand choosing to not run it but, given Peta’s consistent stance on equating meat to murder, it makes sense for them to highlight a seemingly senseless killing that is drawing disproportionate outrage.



Michelle Sullivan

If PETA wants to continue to be known as an extremist, outrageous and fantatical organisation, then this campaign was excellent reputation management.

If PETA wants John-Q public to listen to their message and take them seriously — if they want to actually affect change — then imho this was a very poor decision.

Now, taking my PR cap off, from a private citizen point of view, I’m absolutely disgusted by this campaign and would now never consider supporting PETA as an organisation.  My sympathies are with Tim McLean’s family .. and not with any group trying to benefit from a horrific tragedy.



Anil Dilawri

Extremely bad taste.

In the world of "any publicity is good publicity" I guess we can call PETA a winner.



Allison Brough

I am appalled by PETA’s choice of choosing this horrific incident as leverage for their organization. Although PETA is notorious for their shock PR practices it is disgusting and in the poorest of taste to associate the Greyhound murder to the slaughter of animals. It brings to mind the advertising tactics PETA used in relating the holocaust to the killing of animals. Wrong, wrong, wrong! PETA, you never fail to repulse me in your convoluted and perverse ways in order to bring some attention to your cause. Bottom line: BAD JUDGMENT

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