Questions from the C-Suite on Social Media and corporate reputation

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Only a day back from vacation and I was presenting to a boardroom of senior executives of one of Canada’s largest corportations on the topic of social media and corporate reputation. Having given a number of these educational sessions to the C-suite, I’ve noticed a few recurring questions which I’ll be blogging about over the next few months – here’s a sampling:

  • Why should I care if a Youtube video attacking our company has been viewed only XX times or if a Facebook group targeting our business has only XX members?
  • When should we respond to criticism in the social media space – or do we risk making a small issue bigger?
  • Our company workforce numbers in the ‘000’s. How can we prevent employees from mis-using social media and potentially damaging our reputation?
  • How can social media help us to counteract the voices of our detractors?
  • How can we prevent rogue employees or activists from capturing “gotcha” moments on their camera-phones?
  • How can social media help me in a crisis? What do I need to do to prepare?
  • Who should “own” social media in our organization?
  • How do we measure it’s effectiveness?
  • Where do we begin?

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