David Jones talks Digital PR and H&K’s Approach

posted by Brendan Hodgson

My colleague David Jones is in Vancouver this week on behalf of his client Molson. He also made time to speak at the traditionally any-day-but-Tuesday Third Tuesday social media gathering (lovingly organized by Tanya, the Netchick herself, and Monica).

Gathering from what I’ve been reading from some of the bloggers in attendance – thanks in particular to Rebecca and Tris for their insightful summaries - he appears to have given a good showing, and articulated a number of important points with respect to how H&K approaches the social media space on behalf of our clients such as Motorola, Intel, Molson, Overlay.tv and others, including:

  • the importance of continuous learning within H&K itself,
  • the challenge of communicating in an environment where every employee is now a potential communicator, whether they know it or not,
  • the fact that social media is rarely, if ever, a ”quick fix” or a campaign that can just be turned on and turned off (and we ensure our clients understand as such), and
  • that listening to and making sense of the conversation is more about hard work versus relying too heavily on the myriad shiny new tools that might only do half the job…

Ultimately, it’s about getting past the hype, and focusing on what’s real, achievable, and makes sense to our client’s business or issue… and it’s something that Collin, David, and myself attempt to evangelize every day.



David Jones

It’s always a tough line to straddle in this space.  PR people have their detractors in the social media space.  Some have earned that, but those of us who do actually participate in the space can go a long way to building bridges with those that do it out of their individual passion on their own time.

I’m biased, but I want us to be seen as the gold standard for PR firms inhabiting the social media world.  One fellow in attendance characterized our approach as being the "social media savvy friend" for our clients.  I like that a lot.




The more I think about ‘Online PR’ and what it means to people in the PR business, the more I’m convinced that it should be called something else.  In a nutshell, everything that a company does online is ‘PR’ – it all touches the public in some way.  It’s also SEO, and a bunch of other things all wrapped in…. so it’s becoming very hard to define on its own merits what the act of ‘doing’ online PR actually constitutes….

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