Monitoring, measurement and all manner of metric-y madness – Third Tuesday is back

posted by Brendan Hodgson

In the arena of social media, there are many who claim to do monitoring and measurement equally well. Much has been written, and various tools and methodologies have been flogged to the masses.  I would argue, however, that few have yet proven themselves to deliver the right blend of high-quality (read spam-free) data and relevant metrics that enable meaningful measurement based on a framework that is flexible to the needs of individual clients and their campaigns.

So let’s throw down the gauntlet, shall we? On November 26, two of Canada’s more high profile firms who specialize in social media monitoring (among other things) will be in Ottawa for the latest rev of Third Tuesday – all details to be found here.

Ripped directly from the Third Tuesday Meetup page: Chris Johnson, President of dna13, Craig Comeau from Radian6 and Parker Mason from CNW Group will lead a discussion on the convergence of new media with the old stuff, and the value of a proper measurement program in tough times. Using examples drawn from well known companies and organizations in multiple sectors, learn about the secret sauce when it comes to making the case for new social media and PR software tools so as to link your communications programs to the achievement of your organization’s objectives.

Sadly, I will be travelling back to Ottawa that evening. As such, I will be looking to my colleagues and others to provide a play-by-play of the night’s commentary. 

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Craig Comeau

I’m looking forward to our discussion on Wednesday evening and meeting alot of new people at this Third Tuesday event.


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