Cannes Eye blog?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

I can indeed. But not here. And not for a the next few weeks.

Having been fortunate enough to be invited to join the H&K team in Cannes for this year’s Lions, you’ll likely find less of me here and more of me over at H&K’s Cannes Eye blog (at least until June 27th). In fact, I can guarantee it.

So while I won’t be far (at least not from a digital perspective)… I encourage you to join the discussion and share your thoughts. PR will be making its debut, and there are some pretty heavy sessions on tap. So expect me to be blogging and tweeting (and Yammering for any H&Kers reading) from sessions and panels, (and I hope) bars and beaches. In particular, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from Twitter’s own Biz Stone whose session is sponsored by H&K.

Regular programming will resume in July.

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Anil Dilawri

I remember when Brendan Hodgson used to blog….those were the days.

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