Welcome to the new media world

28 March 2011

March has been all about me and the microphone. I’ve powered through a 5 minute Ignite presentation at Stream Asia, embarrassingly got my karaoke on at the same event (apologies to all involved, in particular Neil Ackland who told me the next day that he could still hear me singing at 2am from his room across the venue) and was lucky enough to do the opening keynote at Frocomm’s New Media Summit just last week.

I was happy to be on the first day so there was at least enough room in between my presentation and the second day keynote from Dan Ilic – I’ve seen Dan present before and he absolutely nails that balance between entertainment and insight. I still refer to many of his key points from the 2009 New Media Summit where he presented on the important distinction between viral video and good content. Check out his YouTube channel for the latest goodness.

I really enjoyed chairing the panel discussion on ethics and Twitter which included great insights from NSW Police’s Tim Archer and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship’s Sandi Logan who obviously have a multitude of stakeholders, policies and challenges to juggle with every piece of content. Cathie McGinn and Thomas Tudehope gave the agency perspective and were able to give some fantastic examples including my favourite example from McGinn (FTW) of how you just can’t please everybody – Interflora UK’s surprise and delight campaign:

Interflora is monitoring Twitter, to find users that it believes might need cheering up. It then contacts them directly to get their postal address and sends a bouquet of flowers as a surprise

Brand Republic

The kicker being that some people feel this random act of kindness is violating their personal space. What an age we live in.

Before I link in my presentations, I’d like to thank Ross Monaghan for chairing the event and keeping the Twitter discussions alive and the support from the Twitter back channel including Michelle Prak and Roger Christie who have also followed up with blog posts about the event and Alex White who lived blogged both days one and two for prosperity.

And finally a huge thanks to Glen Frost for yet another outstanding event. Presentations from the event are available here and mine is embedded below.

Welcome to the new media world
(I have updated the presentation to get rid of that awful typo but it doesn’t seem to be reflecting in embeds at the moment)

View more presentations from me on Slideshare

In case you’re interested here’s a video of my Ignite presentation from Stream Asia. You should also check out the videos from the event, it was such a ridiculously interesting conference!

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