Why you should take the long road

27 July 2010

No matter what you do in life, someone is always looking for a shortcut, from get rich schemes to fad diets. Last year I blogged:

Shortcuts aren’t just for keyboards

Despite the fact that many aspects of our lives continue to be made inexplicably easier with each passing year, there will always be a special group of people looking for a shortcut. 10,000 followers on Twitter in 3 days; a popular blog with scrapings of everyone else’s brilliant content; instant You Tube fame complete with sponsor interest and meme infamy. It alienates those willing to invest time and effort and irritates almost everyone who has to put up with the result. And yet it continues because unfortunately it works. Those who succeed (and even those who don’t) then get to take it to a new level – selling the secret shortcuts to finding the shortcuts.

By my own admission, some people succeed with shortcuts. Here’s the part where I convince you to consider the long (and often hard) road when it comes to social media.

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Twitter Decides

25 July 2010

The Gillard-Abbott debate lit up the Twitter stream with keywords topping the worldwide trending topics and the reaction recorded by bots and pulse checkers. While each tracker will no doubt claim a winner I thought I’d throw in my own evaluation of the debate by comparing the buzz of the buzzwords. So, fair dinkum vs moving forward – who is our winner?

Moving forward peaked at 0.04% of tweets

Fair dinkum peaked at 0.08% of tweets

So there you have it. Abbott’s fair dinkum trumped Gillard’s moving forward with twice the reaction on Twitter to the true blue catch cry. Now we just need to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing!

Introducing social media

23 July 2010

The wonderful team at No Drama Media invited me to speak at their Social Media Bootcamp in both Sydney and Melbourne recently. The half day sessions gave marketing and PR professionals an introduction to social media with practical tips on the first crucial steps and how to approach the popular channels. In both sessions I covered the basics on YouTube by discussing what kind of content will make you “Big on YouTube” (hint – drama, fun or controversy goes a long way!). In the second session in Melbourne I also jumped up to discuss “Integrating Social Media into your Marketing Mix”. Both presentations can be found below.

Want to discuss them further? Contact me! Email me at mbateson (at) hillandknowlton (dot) com (dot) au or call me on 02 9286 1277 or add me on LinkedIn!

Integrating Social Media

Time to get my blog on

22 July 2010

Please be patient while I move in!