Two-sided knives

08 February 2009

The first time Barak Obama came out in the main media (at least, for me) – bringing something in the air about being the next guy – was in 2007 when Time magazine published a photo of him on a Hawaiian beach. The publication which has already given him 15 covers, praised his body shape and highlighted the next American president’s good health. The magazine didn’t name the beach, but some folks from Hawaii identified kailua Beach Park as the fortuneteller place.


Since that casual spotlight, Obama has made the informality his main background when the issue is marketing. But his main strategy to keep his name in everyone’s mind in 2007, starts showing its dark side of the force.  He has been everywhere now: candies, mints, refreshments and even condoms. Last week, an American company released two dolls inspired by his daughters Malia and Sasha and his advisors decided that it has been enough.


Obama is planning a new image in the media now. His dismissal divulged poster, plagiarized from Andy Warhol, turban old photos or beach photos will give place to a serious, well dressed, and formal man. Not surprising based on his position; just don’t know if the public who elected him will sympathize with this new man after the election. 

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