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Analysts have warned of overexposing Obama’s image in the media since taking office, but this criticism doesn’t seem to be affecting him, Obama is still on the cover of all magazines and his wife as well.


The last feat was the interview with the boy journalist Damon Weaver, who fielded questions about education and mangos for lunch, last week, in the White House. The result of the interview particularly pleased me and I was surprised he took the time out of his day to do that. The outlook doesn’t look so positive, though.


One big hint that even the media has started thinking twice before having Obama was the arm wrestling last month between the broadcast networks and the President’s Office to carry the press conference about his health-care overhaul. The White House rescheduled the meeting for one (less-watched) hour earlier because NBC would air an interview with Susan Boyle.


Obama is certainly a man down to earth, in my opinion. I just wonder if he still needs to prove that.


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Bad taste ice cream http://blogs.hillandknowlton.com/marcosbesse/2009/03/30/bad-taste-ice-cream/ http://blogs.hillandknowlton.com/marcosbesse/2009/03/30/bad-taste-ice-cream/#comments Mon, 30 Mar 2009 03:27:30 +0000 Marcos Besse http://blogs.hillandknowlton.com/marcosbesse/?p=55

After using multi media, pop art, and being pioneer in using the internet during the elections, Barak Obama has been facing a hard time dealing with his worldwide disseminated image. A Russian advertisement in bad taste of a vanilla and chocolate ice cream has created reactions in many human rights organizations since last week. The ad brings a character clearly inspired by Obama, in front of the White House, with the slogan “it is in everybody’s mouth. It is black on white”.


According to agency Reuters, the organizations have judged the campaign, launched in the city of Yekatarinburg, poor.


Reuters also talked to the creative director of the agency Voskhod, Yevgeny Primachenko, responsible for the ad, who he only wanted to “create a funny campaign, as funny as eating ice cream.


I hope the ice cream isn’t as bad as its campaigns.

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