Taking a break from the social network carousel

17 December 2008

Fabulous nerdnews site, Slashdot, carried an article back in early 2008 that predicted social network aggregators would be a killer app in 2008. It was suggested that aggregators would come into their own as internet users get drowned in a flood of new social networking sites. Well, the latter part of the prediction is certainly coming true – there are hundreds – if not thousands – of social networks out there and new ones are launched with such regularity that it’s hard to keep up. Sure, there are a few massively popular ones here in Australia, including Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, and there are plenty of aggregators out there to help manage presence on many platforms (including FriendFeed, Gathera, Secondbrain, Spokeo and Youmeo).

Sites like Profilefly promise to help consolidate your online identity, but it’s still a real challenge. As we speed headlong towards Christmas, where many of us will be relying on social networks to keep track of friends and family as they jaunt off on holidays, I am considering pausing my accounts at a number of social media environments simply so I can spend more time holidaying, and less time updating.

If I can update my status and interact with the social media platform from my mobile device, I will keep my membership and involvement going. If not, I’m off. The only question now is how do I tell all my social network friends that I’m ditching them for a while?

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