A Monkey Riding a Dog to Sell Tacos?!?!

25 April 2007

Never before has a commercial been so addictive. Sure, we all remember the great marketing strategies over the years – including Budweiser’s “Wassup” campaign or Reebok’s Terry Tate Office Linebacker commercials, but those efforts pale in comparison to the ad strategy for U.S. food chain Taco John’s. In the latest of a series of commercials, Taco John’s is using a monkey riding a dog to get across its message of delicious food available at a speedy pace. I dare you to watch it only once….you can’t. The ad leaves you wondering a number of things, including: 1) How did someone train a monkey to ride a dog? 2) What does the dog think of this? 3) Where can I get a delicious taco from Taco John’s?

Taco John’s website describes its marketing ploy by saying, “Our advertising campaign features the antics of ‘Whiplash, The Cowboy Monkey’ as he aids our heroic employees who are always eager to satisfy hungry customers with our delicious West-Mex food”

 And who thought the horse called originality had ridden off into the sunset?

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  1. Gilligan T. Monkey

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  2. Robert Anderson

    We saw the Banana Derby monkey jockeys at our local fair,they really are America"s Favorite Monkey Jockeys

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