Do you have to be a nice person to market a product sucessfully?

22 May 2007

Spider Man 3, easily one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, arrived in theatres three weeks ago. The movie blew away the competition by grossing $151,116,516 in one weekend. Tobey Maguire, who plays Spider Man, has cemented himself as a Hollywood superstar by playing the role in the previous two installments of the wildly popular series. With a big-budget production like Spider Man 3, it’s very important to mount a properly orchestrated public relations campaign or your movie could go the way of Waterworld. This includes the cast making the talk show rounds, doing scores of interviews with reporters at press junkets and generally making sure that the public is well aware and excited about the release of the film. A week before the film was released Tobey Maguire was videotaped knocking a fan’s camera out of his hand after getting upset about getting photographed. The video of Tobey losing his Spidy sense of humour was picked up by blogs and celebrity gossip sites around the world. Fans of the Maguire were split as to whether or not this was the ‘real’ Tobey. In a single moment, had all the goodwill that Tobey Maguire built up gone out the window? Judging by the opening weekend gross, it appears not. So, I’m confident to say that in world of celebrities, where everyone is going to rehab and getting charged with DUI, the public is more forgiving and doesn’t care if you are a ‘nice’ person. The only thing that truly matters is whether the special effects are zany and the film is entertaining. I’m off to pick up my Tobey Maguire figurine.  

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