The Perfect Pitch Process: The Salvatore Way

04 September 2007

As a relative newcomer to the PR profession, I have yet to be involved in a face-to-face pitch for a potential client. I can only imagine what goes on in the boardroom as one-by-one competing PR companies present why they should be chosen as the agency of record on a project. In my mind the process would be a lot like American Idol, except with more flow charts, less singing, and less Simon.   

With this in mind, I have created some ways in which pitchers can set themselves apart from the competition. 

1. Have someone from your company knock on the boardroom door midway through the pitch dressed like a delivery person. Upon hearing the knock, one of the pitchers will open the door. The delivery person will then open up their delivery box, which contains case studies and say, “Our company ALWAYS delivers results!”. 

2. Wear t-shirts containing wacky photos of you using the product you are pitching (e.g. brushing your teeth with toothpaste or drinking the beverage you are pitching).

3. Rent a dry-ice machine, play the Chicago Bulls starting line-up theme and announce who is pitching. Have the pitchers be introduced and enter the room one-by-one mentioning their height, education, and favourite product that the company you are pitching manufactures.



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