Congratulations Internet, Welcome to the Billion Served Club

26 January 2009

Every time I used to drive by a McDonald’s I would always check to see what the sign said underneath the golden arches that indicated how many people they’d served. For some inexplicable reason I really liked to know how many other people had Big Mac Attacks around the world. However, at some point a few years ago, they simply gave up counting, as most signs simply now read, ‘Billions and Billions Served’. My guess is that once you reach a billion, you’ve made it. That’s it, history is made and there is no need to count anymore. Today, it was announced that another one reached the billion served club: the Internet.

With the news that the Internet has over 1-billion users worldwide, the PR ramifications will continue to be felt in the months and years to come. Whether it’s the growing influence of bloggers, or how as PR professionals we are not simply tailoring our campaigns to reach only ‘traditional media’. It’s an exciting time to be in this profession. We’ve also seen time and again that the Internet can be the first source for breaking news, most recently in the case of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, as Internet users played a major role in breaking and contributing to the story. Be sure to check out my colleague Brendan Hodgson’s blog which features a great crisis audit of how the news played out online.

Congratulations Internet, your billion served club blazer is waiting at the tailor for you.


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