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How good a risk manager are you?

It would make sense for a company’s crisis and risk managers to spend a bit of time talking to each other, perhaps even making an effort to get a rudimentary understanding of the other’s job.

Crisis management is made a lot easier if you can eliminate a lot of things that frankly just shouldn’t be issues in the first place, and I’m a fan of easy because it means I can have holidays. Also, it means your business is probably in better shape if you’re not having successive disasters.

Happily, the product recall experts at Zurich have created an online game to test your skills as risk manager for a manufacturing company – click on the pic below to try your hand:

It’ll take you anywhere from 3-15 minutes depending on how much you want to cheat with Google. Also…if you disagree with the answers, seriously, don’t email me. I didn’t get them all right either.