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An extra cheeseburger a day? It could be ok…

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is calling for comments on its draft report into the UK population’s energy requirements.

Fundamental to this draft report is a recommendation to re-calculate Estimated Average Requirements for different genders and age groups.

Some media coverage, such as this BBC piece, report that average daily calorie intakes could increase by up to 16% – the equivalent of an “average size” cheeseburger (that may or may not be appealing, depending on where you get your cheeseburgers).

This is a major issue for food manufacturers, supermarkets, celebrity dietitians and nutritionists, consumer advocates and anyone who actually eats food – so from an issues management perspective it’s one that Hill & Knowlton will be following very closely throughout the 14-week consultation period. We work closely with a number of clients in the food and beverage sectors, and with many products on supermarket shelves already including some kind of guideline daily intake label, it’s an issue that will reach into the larders and fridges of every British home.

As this story on highlights, the issue could very well create doubt as to whether consumers retain any trust in scientific advice.

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