Ford Fiesta movement calling for “agents”, but are they agents of change?

24 February 2009

Love the new Ford Fiesta campaign ( – the company is giving away 100 free cars to chosen “agents” as part of an ambassador program. To enter people (I’m assuming as they are targeting “millennials” there are restrictions on who can enter but didn’t come across them as of yet) have to submit a short video on their own YouTube channel (great idea as they will have more reach, one of the entrants has a video with 1.2 million views…). As part of the vid they need to share how big their social network is and what it consists of, might as well be upfront in what Ford is asking of them, right? Once they have the car Ford asks that they blog, tweet and share their experiences with friends…

So let me get this straight – I can submit a video, get a FREE car (already hooked), and write about it on Facebook – sold!

I like it for several reasons – it empowers people to leverage their network versus trying to pull everyone onto the Ford site, it is transparent in its intent – hey blog for us and you may get a free car, and the message is simple hence why there are already 1,500+ entries. It might not solve the world’s problems and give Ford a CSR platform, but I think it is clever and fun, all you have to do is check out a few of the videos to get what I mean.

Not just a pretty face, it is also a strategic business move -  according to Sam De La Garza, Ford’s small car marketing manager (in a recent comment on MarketingDaily), “By the time of the Fiesta’s U.S. launch, Millennials will account for 28% of the country’s driving population (a total of 70 million new drivers). The movement gives [Ford] an opportunity to connect with the group before they have established brand loyalty while appealing to their affinity for social networking and technology.”

So the strategy seems solid, the launch has proven to be successful, now I look forward to following the follow-up. How will this campaign in which they are encouraging direct consumer feedback on their product change either marketing or development? I want to see what Ford does with any constructive feedback (ie is this being used for R&D purposes), and how they will use the platform to turn any potential criticisms into positives. Early days but if they can harness these conversational elements inherent in social media marketing, they could nail it.

And just for fun, wanted to share my fav video of those I watched – Ford, Fiesta (can you believe I actually took the time to watch several, but they were amusing, what can I say?)  – definitely give both of these guys one! And I want an invite to the Ford, Fiesta :)

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7 Responses to “Ford Fiesta movement calling for “agents”, but are they agents of change?”

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    [...] Ford Fiesta movement calling for “agents”, but are they agents of change? Ford verteilt kostenlos 100 Fiestas. Natürlich nicht einfach so, sondern die derart Bestückten sollen über ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Vehikel berichten, was die Kanäle halten – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs. Bewerben muss man sich natürlich auch, u.a. mit einem YouTube-Video, das schon mal einen eigenen Channel füllt, und der Offenlegung des eigenen Netzwerkes. (tags: marketing case wordofmouth) [...]

  2. Ryan Peal

    Great campaign highlight, and definitely with you in seeing how successful this campaign is with regard to translating to sales and hopefully some good feelings toward Ford – they definitely need it given the overall hesitation to buy cars these days during all of the drama. And I give Ford bonus points for continuing to engage consumers in the social media world – it’s a nice continuing story they are building starting with their last effort with the Ford Flex ( in December. I love brands that know the story they are trying to tell and keep the relevant chapters coming.

  3. Cornelius Attenborough

    I actually entered the Ford Fiesta contest, and lost two toes making the video. It was worth it.

    You can see the video here:

  4. Meghan Stuyvenberg

    @Cornelius – saw yours highlighted as well – another fav. Due to your job, I think your “network” on- and off-line have very strong WOM opportunity. Good luck, would love to know how you go, please keep me posted.

  5. Sam DeLaGarza

    Thanks for publishing your comments about the FiestaMovement. Applications are due by March 23rd and then the FiestaMovement begins.

    We are very excited about the next phase of the launch – when we have customers in cars and they start reacting to the product. As a European best-seller, we believe that the Fiesta will turn some heads and inspire our agents to spread the word!

    Thanks. Sam De La Garza, Brand Manager, Ford Fiesta

  6. Richard Saling

    I like the campaign as well. Ford is allowing the consumer to be part of the process. Hopefully they will listen to the feedback. Will other companies follow this example? Time will tell. I wrote an article about this as well at

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