10 Things Millenials Could Teach CMOs About Marketing

23 June 2009

I am a firm believer that understanding and listening to Gen Y, millenials, youth or whatever you call them is not about just reaching that demographic. Rather it provides valuable insight about the market as a whole. Youth are leading a rapid transformation in consumer marketing and brand engagement, and that is why we should all pay attention.

That said, I have put together a list of 10 Things Millennials Could Teach CMOs About Marketing.

  1. Provide a reason. We want to buy into more than “this latest product/service is best”. And the latest technology upgrade 6.18 or new Orange Raspberry flavor isn’t going to cut it. Think more deeply about the rationale, what is the bigger picture.
  2. Thrive does not equal Survive. You must evolve and grow with us, with the market. Otherwise you will lose relevancy, no matter how big you once were giants fall.
  3. Be authentic and have values. We spend our money in an effort to support brands. The companies that walk the walk will have our support – in dollars.
  4. Elusive isn’t the word, just stretched. Think broadly in terms of where you can reach me– and remember I only spend 1 of every 11 minutes online on a social network.
  5. Entertain me. Consumer experiences matter, that is what we remember and talk about. And think about the whole marketing cycle because my experience with your brand extends well beyond purchase point.
  6. Brands aren’t friends. But you should think more how to socialise with me then to sell to me.
  7. Inspire. Lead us by example.
  8. Empower me. We feel entitled because we grew up expressing ourselves online, how can you help me spread the word for you?
  9. Quickly bored. It’s not ADD, it’s just that we are all inundated with massive amounts of brands messages. Keep it simple or loose mind space – quickly.
  10. The age of Here and Now. I prefer to lease my car, pay as I go on my mobile, and expect real time help from my online bankng service. My sense of immediacy directly relates to who I interact with brands.
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4 Responses to “10 Things Millenials Could Teach CMOs About Marketing”

  1. Katherine Liew

    Great thinking here, I wish more brands were following these points! Though I would say that the 9 of the points were potential overrides for the first one.. :)

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