YouTube Summer School – Literally….

03 July 2009

I have often written about the role of technology in education – I think it’s an important topic that does not get enough attention. However there is a reverse side of this – and that’s educating youth about relevant (and safe) uses for technology. I think having not just basic but advanced skills with a variety of formats, channels and technology is a must.

Needless to say there is a huge opportunity for technology brands to embrace the young generation, providing the educational resources that are relevant, and in turn develop advocacy at an important stage. This is adding value 101.

That said today I have seen an interesting Apple initiative today –“From you to YouTube” – a training program on the evolution of creation of video content. The site says it’s “an intensive hands-on summer workshop for young adults in writing, shooting, directing, editing and even distributing work.” Awesome. I find it really interesting and an amazing sign of the times that “distribution” is an area of study. It got me thinking that before they just send these kids on their way, I hope as a Master Class they offer advice on Personal Branding and how to manage and maintain your reputation online. We all know the dangers of public vs private spaces, but what about how to maximise your online brand. Seems a natural next step here.

Not only do I applaud Apple for having a presence and taking a role in this space (note this is only one of many education initatives for them), I heart the grass roots foundation they have. Sounds like Summer School of my dreams!

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