Levi’s Go Forth: Over the Hype, Let’s Talk Substance

10 July 2009

Interesting debate on Ad Age regarding the new Levi’s campaign, “Go Forth”.

I think everyone has had their say on the credit or merit of the creative. I like it, and I am the target, so take that for what it’s worth. Might be a bit lofty even for myself with an advanced Literature degree – Walt Whitman and all – but it’s good. Check it out below. Check out the site here.

I think this brings a truly interesting concept with youth marketing to life – how to mean something and be relevant to your audience. Creative agency reps and media contacts can bag, applaud or turn their heads from the new creative concept, if it resonates with the youth audience does it matter what accolades it receives? I think not.

However let’s discuss ‘relevance’. There is a thin line – if one at all – between brand and reputation and that should be the true test for brand marketing campaigns. So – does Levi’s stand by its positioning? You need to be authentic (yes that buzz word again) to be credibile (two in one sentence). This means more about what they stand for not what they say.

Inherently it seems to fit with me – Levi’s with its heritage also bringing forth the New American spirit. Nice message. But other than creative, how do they stand for the New America? Not arguing, just posing the question. I am very interested to see how they roll out this element for submissions of ‘good ideas’ supporting American pioneers (see here), I love a good empowerment campaign!

So let the war of opinions wage on if this is the next Cannes Lions award…I think let’s move beyond the hype and talk about how Levi’s will deliver on this positioning – because it is a strong message.

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