When GenY rules the world…or at least the marketing agencies

23 February 2009

On my never-ending crusade to observe and soak up as much as I can like a little sponge, last week I attended The Digital Tipping Point: The Future of Branding and Social Media, presented by Adknowledge AU (thanks @laurelpapworth for the head’s up on twitter). [NOTE I am editing after post to include Laurel Papworth's correct info, sorry for the slip - it is @silkcharm]

While overall I found many topics intriguing and some really interesting insight was shared from all over the world, I have to admit I was a little taken-back by the focus on “advertising” in the room. I know, I know – I was at a marketing function – I shouldn’t be so naive. I guess my concern isn’t that the tactics and strategies seemed dated like the term itself – they weren’t – it was the overwhelmingly use of it that threw me off.

Maybe I am focusing too much on the word, and missing the context. However i think this fundamental shift that we are all facing is much broader then advertising, PR or any type of marketing – it is a shift in the way we deal and communicate with people. This cartoon I saw recently sums it up best:

What’s my point — maybe we need to change the language of marketing and in turn the nature of it will follow. Not just buzz words, but actually change it. Have we thought how important it really is to open a dialogue with consumers, to engage – that’s pretty deep….and to me very exciting….and very not “advertising” as there are no ads involved.

The conversation that we non-GenYers are having about how to best target youth consumers will soon be irrelevant. When GenY starts running agencies, marketing departments and – gasp! – major corporations, that is when wistful dialogue of the possibilities will transition into business strategies and models — and then we shall see what the real effects this shift have had on brands and consumer marketing.

Hello World!

20 February 2009

I have always categorised myself as part of the population that actively consumes media, especially online. However, as anyone who knows me will point out, I am also very opinionated. So I have decided to finally jump that 90/10 digital divide (90% consumers, 10% creators), and start this blog to share insights and trends relevant to what I am most passionate about, Youth Marketing.

Before I jumped in head first, I wanted to introduce myself, and at least the intention of this blog. By intention I mean if I veer off track, please bear with me.

As just mentioned, I love Youth Marketing, especially the fundamental shifts the era of the WWW has brought upon us – it’s exciting, it’s new, and it breaks a lot of “rules” – finally! I feel this has changed our society and us as people first, and then as marketers. We still have a lot of learning to do.

Some days I will take this topic and write long, chunky posts, sometimes it will be short and sweet. At time I might revert to soapbox style ranting, and others might be irreverent and fun photos that inspired me. Regardless of the style, I always will strive to be amusing and insightful.

Please use this blog to share with me as well, or you can catch me at @mstuyvenberg of mstuyvenberg@hillandknowlton.com.au. Until then happy reading!