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As part of an on-going National Binge Drinking Strategy (shouldn’t’ it be “anti-binge drinking”?) titled “Don’t Turn a Night Out into a Nightmare”, the Australian Government launched a Short Film competition and have chosen the 6 winners featured on a new site here. You can watch the videos and choose which you think is the most powerful, and have a chance to win $5,000 in the meantime. They are great, congrats to the winners, always imrpessed with youth talent.

I like the campaign and think it is a Youth issue that warrants high awareness and heavy dollars to support it (for example the approximately $53 million allocated to the larger strategy). I like the fact that some of this investment is going towards more engaging ways to educate kids about negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Tactically I think the site is good, the videos are really powerful. I assume this content is being repurposed and used in a variety of channels other than this site as well.

The only layer I would add to this campaign is something that creates more opportunities for dialogue, as I think it would be hard to effect behavioral change – especially that which is so ingrained in our culture – without it. It takes time – think about awareness around climate change as en example. The dialogue created the awareness, which in turn developed into relevancy on a small (personal level) as well as really broad (global level). Then the relevance has started to create action….which in turn stems more dialogue. Of course then follows international music festivals with Black Eyed Peas, political documentaries and mocumentaries, 20/20 summits, school degrees…you get the idea…..

Thanks to ThreeBillion for putting me on to the launch of the new site as well – always a great source for Youth Marketing info!

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