Youth Marketing Insights » Datamoshing Inspiring best in practice youth marketing through sharing of ideas, strategy, trends and conversations about cool stuff Thu, 04 Feb 2010 04:31:40 +0000 en hourly 1 The Pixel Generation’s music video: Chairlift’s “Evident Utensil” Mon, 02 Mar 2009 03:44:45 +0000 Meghan Stuyvenberg For a dreary Monday thought this “pixel nation” video would provide a little inspiration.

Chairlift’s music video “Evident Utensil” uses an editing effect known as “datamoshing” to create this throw-back, psychedelic feel. According to Wikipedia this is “visual style is produced by an exploit of the different ways video codecs process motion and color information”….whatever that means….

Why I like it – I like anything that challenges conventional interpretation. From a youth marketing perspective, I think it highlights the visual cues that appeal to the Pixel Generation. It also has a not-so-subtle sense of visual irony that is relevant to kids who are growing up on computers – the band is frolicking in nature fields, but the video is this uber-synthetic visual mashup.

Whatever the meaning behind the message, it is creative and unique. So sit back and enjoy (and don’t adjust your screen)…hopefully it provides you with some inspiration as well.


Chairlift, “Evident Utensil”
Video directed by Ray Tintori
Cinematography by Rob Leitzell
Datamoshery by Bob Weisz

Oh, and watch the How To here:

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