Marketing Technology

06 December 2004

John Moore reports on Strategy+Business’s recent article, “The Fall and Rise of the CMO”:

Companies are looking to CMO’s [Chief Marketing Officers] to make marketing more effective by:

  • Showing creative marketing leadership in differentiating a company’s brand(s) from competitors
  • Strengthening brands through integrated communication strategies
  • Better understanding customer’s buying preferences and link that knowledge to the delivery of products and services that are more relevant to customer needs
  • Containing costs in media expenditures, marketing services procurement, and market research

I would add a fifth to this:

  • Increasing the efficiency, flexibility and speed of the marketing function, to better respond to market changes and deliver a superior customer experience

Which leads us directly to the emerging role of the CMT, or Chief Marketing Technologist, and the critical need for someone in every organisation who can bridge the unlikely bedfellows of marketing and IT. This could be a tech-savvy CMO or, more likely, a marketing-savvy technologist working inside the marketing function.

Markitek has some interesting insights on this topic.

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