More on Seth Godin’s bad ideas

16 February 2005

Seth Godin continues the debate on the bad idea that is pull-down lists of US states. Apparently everyone missed his point, which was “about how bad ideas stick around forever“. I would suggest that most of Seth’s correspondents (myself included) agreed with that statement – it was his example of “bad” that created the response.

But let’s get back to Seth’s original point of principle, which was a good one, and consider why – in the corporate environment – you don’t get in trouble for embracing (or perpetuating) the status quo. This surely is the key to solving all the bad ideas in the world, not debating whether or not they were bad ideas in the first place.

(As an aside, it is pretty standard on good UK sites that require address details to just ask for a postcode – our ZIP equivalent - and occasionally a house number. A quick hourglass later, and you are asked to confirm your address from a list. I had no idea we were so far ahead in terms of e-commerce usability.)

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