The Flora campaign that just makes me wanna shout!

14 July 2005

If ever there was a missed blogging opportunity, it has to be Flora’s current cringeworthy campaign for their cholesterol-lowering pro·activ range.

For those lucky enough not to have seen it, the campaign revolves around the “diary” of Lulu (Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie to her friends – try saying that after a wee dram), one of Scotland’s most famous warblers.

In a joint advertising and online push, Lulu is apparently writing a diary between now and 1 August keeping us up-to-date with her “bid to reduce my cholesterol in just three weeks.” It won’t surprise you to learn that she plans to do it by taking the Flora pro·activ Challenge.

Here’s an extract:

New alarm woke me up, such a shock, it’s too loud. Had a quick shower, followed by a breakfast of toast with pro·activ spread.

Took the dogs for a walk in Regents Park before meeting my agent for lunch. Having declined dessert, I have a pro·activ yogurt when I get home (how’s that for self control!?).


Today is only day four, so I guess we’re in for plenty more of the same.

I have no idea whether Lulu is actually writing this stuff or not (I sense not as it seems very false), but I think this campaign would have been so much better run via a blog. By giving someone with Lulu’s celebrity status the tools to really act as an ambassador for their brand, Flora could have got a lot more publicity and used her to engage in a proper dialogue with their customers.

In fact, why not go even further and offer a Flora-branded blog to anyone who takes the challenge so that they could share their own experiences along the way? Now that would be a Boom Bang-a-Bang!

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