Faux-blog haters, sharpen your pencils

20 July 2005

What is it with the drinks industry and their ad agencies? Following Captain Morgan’s aborted voyage into the blogosphere, news comes from Marketing that Smirnoff have created “a dedicated blog-style website” to support a £4m on-pack promotion to boost sales over the summer.

It’s located at http://www.uriplanet.com/summer (the “blog” URL is http://www.uriplanet.com/blogpage.html) if you want to take a look. This is the first I’ve heard of it, yet there are posts (and comments) going back to April. One can only assume that the copywriters have been busy again.

I’m not against faux, fake or character blogs completely, but I do find them rather tedious and I think most of the marketing-savvy consumers that Smirnoff is trying to attact will see right through this attempt to patronise them. You really have to wonder what went on in the room when the agency was pitching this idea.

Either way, the debate looks like it’s coming back to the top of the agenda.

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3 Responses to “Faux-blog haters, sharpen your pencils”

  1. David Rossiter

    It’s got to be expected though, hasn’t it?

    It’s real life. If they find an audience, character blogs are here to stay – whether we like it or not. (Personally, I’m not bothered by them so long as it’s apparent what they are).

    What bugs me more is those people who want things both ways.

    Reading some (big name) blogs, and you’d think they are going to replace all other communications channels in the world – ever!

    But the flipside of blogging becoming *this* popular is that more mainstream folk will join in (reading if not writing).

    The more people read them, then the more the big FMCG companies, ad agencies and (whisper it) PR agencies will move in – even if the purists think they get it wrong sometimes.

  2. Jeremy Pepper

    Who, in all honesty, can say that they are not a character blog themselves?

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