Time for some controversy?

26 October 2005

Easton Ellsworth recently reviewed Hill & Knowlton’s professional blogging community, Collective Conversation, of which this blog is part.

It’s naturally fair and well-balanced ;-) , having nothing but good things to say about us. He concludes:

You’re probably wondering if Hill and Knowlton paid me to write this. They didn’t, but they may as well have: I can’t find any weaknesses in this corporate blog.

He does have some suggestions that we need to listen to. In particular, he wants us to have a central blog to help people locate basic company news (you can always subscribe to the RSS feed in the news section of our site if you’re desparate for this in the mean time).

However, the comment that caught my eye most was in his analysis of our content. He asks, “Some people might get a little bored, but what kind of controversy would you expect from a company like H&K?”

So, in deference to Easton, I will attempt to make my next few posts controversial ones.

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One Response to “Time for some controversy?”

  1. Easton Ellsworth

    Niall, thank you for considering my simple comments. As your willingness to listen has won you this new reader, so your incisive writing will surely win many more. Shaking the controversy tree won’t hurt, either!

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