Corporate blogging as empowerment culture

06 December 2005

The students of Advanced Organisational Communication at Northeastern University have proposed three criteria that companies should consider when developing guidelines and policies. They argue that employees and companies that want to foster a communication climate of empowerment would do well to reflect on them.

  1. Autonomy of Judgement
    Covers criteria such as how much freedom employers give their bloggers, how rigid the guidelines are, whether the company trusts staff to make decisions for themselves, and whether posts are screened before being publlished.
  2. Level of Authenticity
    Do corporate bloggers feel like they can speak with their own voice, or do they feel they have to change how they speak to fit the style of how the company wants them to speak.
  3. Level of Subordination
    To what extent do corporate bloggers need to subordinate their own thoughts and opinions to those of their employer, customers, clients or colleagues.

I think this is a very interesting approach. I think that most corporate blogging policies focus mainly on the first, and less so on the other two.

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