Parental blogging

12 January 2006

Whilst not on the same scale as Robert and Patrick Scoble’s blog relationship, and maybe not quite the kind of positive impact I had in mind to start my new editorial focus, Sally Costerton today recounts how her son is now posting comments on her blog in order to communicate with her.

In a post on virtual parenting, she talks about how 2006 is the year adults will finally work out what teenagers have known for a year or so:

“…getting your mates together sharing private jokes, music, pictures and so forth is as cool as it ever was – it’s just that my children have the world to play in not just their bedrooms like we did.”

She also declares how, now that her broadband connection means the phone line is freed up when you’re online, her daughter doesn’t actually use the phone to talk to her friends at all, but prefers Skype.

I agree with her conclusions for organisations too. I wonder if social media is going to end up as the equivalent of the VCR that you had to rely on your kids to programme?

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