Dell goes one2one

11 July 2006

PC maker Dell – the subject of many presentations (my own included) on how not to engage with the blogosphere – has set up a blog.

Jeff Jarvis – possibly Dell’s most vocal online detractor – isn’t impressed:

The subtitle is “direct conversations with Dell” but this is as much a conversation as yelling at a brick wall. There is not one link there. It’s filled with promotions for Dell’s wonderfulness.

He advises: “The conversation is already happening out there without you. Join in that conversation.”

He has a point. There are seven posts currently, and only one of those has a link to another site – and that’s!

A bit of free (UPDATE: and friendly, just in case you’re mistaking me for one of the lynch-mob) advice for Dell:

  • Good communication is 80% listening and 20% talking. UPDATE: Check. Seems like they are listening and linking.
  • A blog is not just another distribution channel down which to shove your messages – it’s an engagement channel
  • People are asking questions in your comments about issues that matter to them. Take note of that, and make sure you respond
  • You have called your blog “one2one” – you’ll need to make sure it lives up to its name.

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8 Responses to “Dell goes one2one”

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  3. Brendan Hodgson

    My name is Brendan, but I have likely forgotten yours.

    It is a failing, I admit. Does that make me…

  4. Christopher

    Unfortunately I don’t think that they’re listening.  I’ve posted two comments to two of the posts on one2one and neither one has been made visible on the site.  I think that they’re balanced (critical, to be sure, but reasonable, nevertheless) So its really frustrating to have them not posted on the site.   Instead I put them up on one of Dell’s community fora and on Steve Rubel’s and Jeff Jarvis’s site…where there’s a will…


    Over the past few years, the blogosphere has grown some sort of collective wisdom and values that you are told…


    Forte de ses quelques années d’existence, la blogosphère a développé une sorte de sagesse collective et de valeurs que d’aucuns () vous conseillent d’observer soigneusement et d’adopter s’il vous vient l’idée de vous lancer un

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