Suspended Service

06 September 2006

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that today sees my first blog posts for some time.

In part this is a result of this and this, but now that we have active bloggers like Leo, Bruno, David, Brendan and others on our books, I’m actually enjoying reading rather than writing.

In particular, I’m marvelling at the conversations taking place in their comments. Each of them has more comments than they have posts, proving that this is more about listening than broadcasting.

And yes, you could argue that many of the comments are from our own employees, so they don’t count. I look at it a different way – many of these colleagues have never communicated with each other before. Our blogs have brought them together, adult-to-adult, in a way that no conference call ever could.

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One Response to “Suspended Service”

  1. David Ferrabee

    What I miss about the conference calls though is putting the mute button on and playing video games.  I guess we’re getting more work done though…


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