Is Belkin listening?

18 December 2006

Updated 30 January 2007: I’d forgotten all about this, until an email popped into my inbox just now from Belkin Customer Support with a “response” to my question. How funny is that? Do companies really think a potential customer is going to sit around waiting for over a month for an answer to a simple question about which of their products to buy. Unfortunately I didn’t even get a simple answer – after clicking on a link to the ironically titled “Customer Experience” website, they told me to go and look at the products section of their website! Gaaaaaaaahh!

Here’s a little experiment to see if Belkin is listening to blogs. Earlier today I was forced by their website into asking a pre-sales question via a form that – for all I know – has catapulted my request into the ether.

What with Christmas just around the corner, I was hoping to get a quick response so that I can order one of their products and get it delivered before the end of the week.

So if anyone from Belkin is listening, I want to know which of your routers I can pair with my existing 125G Hi-Speed USB Wireless LAN Adapter in order to get the maximum (i.e. 125G) throughput (it’s for a MCE 2005 set up, and I want to access and store music and TV recordings on my network, so speed is pretty important). I want to plug it into a Netgear 10/100Mbps switch, and already have an ADSL modem providing internet access to the entire network.

If I don’t get a response from Belkin, then I’ll take recommendations of alternative products from anyone else.

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