Adam who?

13 March 2007

There’s a new £20 note in circulation featuring a portrait of Adam Smith, but apparently no-one knows who he is.

Maybe it’s time for a celebrity face to appear on a British bank note. Who do you think would be most fitting?

(Apart from Pavarotti on a tenner, of course).

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4 Responses to “Adam who?”

  1. Omar Ha-Redeye

    I think anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of economics knows Adam Smith, especially since his thoughts are the foundation of capitalist society to this day.

    Perhaps he is slightly more obscure in England, but in the U.S. (where I studied) he is a standard piece of first-year university courses.

  2. Niall Cook

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, Omar. I wonder how many of the British public (or the US for that matter) have a "rudimentary understanding of economics"?

  3. Jane

    How about Richard ‘Watership Down’ Adams on a fiver?

    Given people’s ignorance of Adam Smith, perhaps we should have a portrait of TV ’savings guru’ Alvin Hall on the notes instead.

  4. Niall Cook

    I like the idea about a savings guru, Jane. Or maybe just numbers. Could you imagine Johnny Ball grinning inanely at you every time you open your wallet?

    I’m missing the Watership Down connection though…

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