Oh. My. God.

10 April 2007

Further to my last post:

BBC: Weblogs ‘need content warnings’

Oh Tim, what have you done? Mainstream media are going to have a field day with this – what better way to demonstrate that the blogosphere is the wild west of the internet and no replacement for “proper” journalism.

I like Enric’s comment on Tim’s suggested draft best:

Human values cannot be contained within rules. The complexity of
situations, language and unknown future conditions make rules a mockery
of values. Further rules have an inherent assumption that people are
not trusted to act on good values.

Move on – nothing to see here.

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3 Responses to “Oh. My. God.”

  1. Leo Bottary

    Niall.  This very question came up in my Ethics Op-ed post yesterday.  Here was my response: "The blogosphere by its nature is self-policing.  For me, it kind of goes against the grain that there would be an overarching authority that would dictate ethical behavior. Without trying to be corny, I think the Golden Rule is as good an ethical compass as any in both the virtual and the real worlds.

  2. Doug Karr

    I agree.  It’s a disservice to all bloggers.

  3. Dennis McDonald

    Leo, I agree with the "golden rule" analogy. That’s one of the reasons I wrote "Network Unto Others As You Would Have Others Network Unto You" (http://www.ddmcd.com/unto.html)

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