Internal Twittering

26 June 2007

Whenever a new technological craze rears its ugly head, I try and think about how we could apply it in our business. And so, as I mentioned in the previous post, my thoughts have recently turned to Twitter.

I can easily see the scenario: every employee has an account on an internal Twitter-like service (for the purposes of this post, let’s call it Critter – Corporate Twitter). They log their contact preferences and subscribe to receive colleagues’ "tweets" (they can subscribe to an individual or a group of individuals). They have a web interface, a desktop application and a device capable of receiving SMS (and maybe also Blackberry PIN messages). Whenever someone they subscribe to provides an update on what they are doing, they get notified. They can also inform the system what they are doing, thus notifying their subscribers.

Imagine the situation: I tell Critter that I’m just about to start working on a proposal for ACME Widgets. One of my subscribers (who I don’t actually know) sees this and responds that they used to work at ACME Widgets – suddenly a connection has been made that could help me, that probably wouldn’t have otherwise been made. As a result we win the contract, and I get promoted and a huge bonus (OK, I made the last bit up).

At a more mundane level, I might just tell Critter that I’m really enjoying reading the CEO’s latest blog post (OK, I made that bit up to). I link to it, and my subscribers go and take a look too.

Of course, like Twitter Critter would also have an API so anyone can build internal services on top of it and integrate it into the intranet.

Can’t be too difficult. Can it?

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12 Responses to “Internal Twittering”

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  2. Kevin

    Interesting point of view. We are triying to use twitter nanoformats to communicate information between colleges. Using @username nanoformats we can communicate with a user of our intranet. And using lang: nanoformat we can translate the things in different languages with yahoo pipes (we have people from different parts of the world). Is very useful and can be used for small or big groups, it’s amazing.

  3. David Ferrabee

    Here’s my view.  (You knew I’d have one…)  I think it can be used to sign up for different streams of corporate info too.  I’m interested in HR news… Or, as I tried to tell a room full of potential clients today, for drivers to get general dispatcher updates.

    The way you propose for group working is interesting too.  But I think that might be better met by the status report box on Facebook…  It’s got so many other cool things too.  And it’s actually easier to do on BB than Twitter…  Although Twitter alone goes SMS… for now.


  4. Niall Cook

    I like the idea of "friends" being streams of corporate info – and the ability to find out how many (or few) followers each stream has!

    Agree about Facebook, but it would be much easier to build an internal Twitter-like service than a Facebook-like one.

  5. Jasbinder

    Critter could provide a good testing ground for companies who remain a little uncertain about social media, as it introduces them to the concept of opening up a little to a captive audience, and letting the subscribers to a Tweet (for Twitters do Tweet, just as Texters send Texts – not sure what users of Critters do, mind) decide how to react to the information. Good practice for the individual and (normally) good for the company culture.

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  9. capobecchino

    This is the our mission … we have created meemi and this platform for the office ;) try the new version …


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