46% of US companies have no plans to use blogs

06 July 2007

I have a slightly different take on a report from Forrester that was forwarded to me, titled “A Majority Of Firms Are At Least Considering Blogs”.

They asked 275 IT managers and IT executives (arguably the wrong people, but more on that later) the question, “Has your company invested in blogs?” and found that only 27% were actively using them, another 27% were piloting or considering them, with the remaining 46% answering, “No, and we have no plans to”.

Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday and my glass is half empty at the moment, but I’d have titled this survey “Almost Half Of Firms Are Not Considering Blogs”. Anyway, Forrester’s glass is clearly half full, so on we go (later in the slide deck they even conclude that “Blogging has hit the mainstream, with only a minority of firms not at all interested in the technology”).

They also asked those that have implemented or are piloting blogs the business reasons why they are using them. Aside from “Internal knowledge and content management”, almost all these “IT decision-makers” cited some kind of communication purpose (“Internal communications”, “External thought leadership”, and “Marketing to customers and prospects”).

Which brings me to my point (you’ll be pleased to hear). Most communications people I know actively avoid involving or even talking to their IT people about this stuff, so how would they even know?

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5 Responses to “46% of US companies have no plans to use blogs”

  1. Cae

    Exactly! All larger companies (most small ones as well) should invest in blogs if they want to be deemed credible by the public. It is a great way to draw regular hits to your website as well.

  2. Niall Cook

    Cae, I’m not sure I agree. Investing in a blog doesn’t give you credibility in itself – what you do with that blog does. This is the thing that too many companies fail to understand. It’s like websites 10 years ago – they want one because they think they should have one, not because they have the faintest of ideas what they are going to do with it.

  3. radio publicity

    In the interactive world, we have a discipline called User Experience, or UX for short. We’ ve got a whole department of people that thinks about it. It’ s the first phase of many online projects and it’ s a part of every interactive RFP that any company

  4. internet job

    It works with nearly every blogging platform out there.

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