Leo Bellini’s Blog of the Week

12 July 2007

My Italian isn’t so hot, but I recognise a compliment when I see one.

Leo Bellini names Collective Conversation his blog of the week (or at least I hope that’s what Il blog della settimana means).

Thanks Leo.

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2 Responses to “Leo Bellini’s Blog of the Week”

  1. Leonardo Bellini

    Dear Niall, you are right; it’s a real compliment :-) .

    Imho, this is one of the benckmark for corporate blogging; I agree with Debbie Weil who, in her book, " the corporate blogging book, has cited and referrerd this  blog as one of the best  and more interesting corporate group blogs. I am the italian translator of Debbie’s book (it will be published next Fall in Italy for ETAS Publisher,  and I had the chance to investigate further on blogging kinds and types…

  2. Niall Cook

    Thanks Leo.

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